Dome mounts & accessories
  The Wildcat Foam Station an AFFF Foam Fire Station with 35 or 60 gallon tank, USCG approved. Designed for offshore, marine, industrial, chemical, municipal and forestry applications. For use with Foam and/or Water.
  Contender Hose Reel
Model CHRGB-100
  Magnum's Contender Hose Reel! This high performance Hose Reel can be built for your needs. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized or Marine Grade Aluminum available."Built Tuff to be Tuff".
  Pre-Mix Foam Units
  Complete with live hose reel - Hose - Nozzle
Quick Activation Valve - Regulator

  Roll Hose Cart
  Custom Design Trailer - Tire Size - Tool Boxes - Vinyl Covers - Hitch Options


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