Building Inspection


      Apart from safe building design and construction to protect against fire damage, fire inspection is one of the most important process. This process should be implemented by the knowledgeable and experienced fire inspectors who have been trained in this specific field. In order to maintain the safe and secure building, the inspection process should be performed regularly so that the building management executives will be able to learn the building’s system condition and also support the “Fire Protection Safety Program Promoting Public Awareness and Building Safety” by Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department under the Bangkok Metropolitan and Ministration.

Shinaracha Frotector Co., Ltd. offers the following services:
      1. Inspection and testing of the fire protection system in buildings
      2. Submission of a comprehensive inspection report together with solution for solving problems found during inspection as well as proposal for maintenance and repairing complying with the applicable laws imposed by the Royal Thai Government and fire safety codes and standards from The Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. the King’s Patronage and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), USA. (or other relevant codes and standards quoted for “Fire Protection Safety Program Promoting Public Awareness and Building Safety”.


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