About Shinaracha Frotector Co., Ltd.
        Shinaracha Frotector Co., Ltd. is a consulting engineering firm specializing in fire protection engineering services. The company provides complete fire protection services emphasizing on creating value for our customers through innovative engineering applications. Our main objective is to reduce the frequency of fires through better fire protection. Thus, helping to show our continued commitment to our clients and helping us maintain a reputation for providing engineering excellence.

Our Corporate Vision
To create value for our customers through providing innovative engineering applications in the area of fire protection solutions which are of high quality, cost effective, and reliable.

Shinaracha Frotector Co., Ltd.

     112 Soi Ramkhamhaeng 112
,Ramkhamhaeng Road,Saphansoong , Saphansoong , Bangkok 10240 Thailand
     Telephone: 02-7293210  Fax:02-7295432,0
2-7296432 , 02-7296543,02-7295210
     E-mail : info@shinaracha-frotector.com  
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