Dome mounts & accessories
Monochrome Cameras
Colour cameras
Day-night cameras
Camera mounts
Fixed domes
Functional domes
Cameras & domes       
CCDA-THM “Top Hat” ceiling housing for CCDA1415-DN 2GF1191-8BD
CCDA-THTB Bubble smoked for CCDA-THM 2GF1191-8BE
CCDA-THCB Bubble clear for CCDA-THM 2GF1191-8BF
CCDA-ACM Ceiling bracket adjustable for CCDA-THM 2GF1191-8BG
       Camera accessories
Interface converter RS232C / RS485 for CCBx1315 cameras
Operation & parameterisation software for camera K505
Converter TTL to TTY for K505, CCBx1315
Operation & parameterisation software for CCB cameras
 Converter TTL to RS485 for K505
Power supply unit for 12 VDC cameras

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