Fire doesn’t stand a chance against Cerberus®FM200.

        Cerberus® FM200 is a chemical extin¬guishing gas, applied under high pres-sure,that extinguishes fire instantly and permanently.
High-pressure technology, previously proven in the Siemens halon system,largely accounts for Cerberus® FM200’s faster extinguishing performance compared to traditional FM200 systems.
No burden on the environment
Unlike halon, FM200 (C3HF7, or heptafluoro¬propane) leaves the ozone layer intact (ODP=0) while achieving comparable extinguishing effectiveness. That is why FM200 has become the commonly accepted chemical extinguishing agent replace¬ment for halon.
Harmless to people
In the concentration used to extinguish fires, FM200 is harmless to humans both during and after the extinguishing process.
Equally effective in complex, large-scale systems
FM200 is the ideal extinguishing system for most applications. High-pressure technology virtually predestines it for complex, large-scale systems.
Use of existing halon installations
Provided quality and layout meet requirements, FM200 extinguishing systems can make use of legacy halon piping in many cases.


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