Turnkey Projects

        From our purpose-built design studios, our industry-experienced design team works on a wide range of fire protection system designs. With clients in almost every industry, we are used to shaping plans for Factories, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Hospitals and Hotels.By forging close working relationships with our clients at the design stage,   

        We will keep liaising with our client’s architects and planners to amend and hone our own designs where necessary, to achieve the best-routed and most easily maintainable system. Using the latest CAD software alongside traditional engineering design skills,Shinaracha Frotector offers a design service based on years of build expertise, as well as conceptual ability.

        Shinaracha Frotector fire protection systems are dependent upon the skills of those who install them. So we install them ourselves. Of course, we can undertake all elements of Fire Protection System design and build, to embrace both civil engineering, electrical and mechanical works on a turnkey basis.

       In offering to manage our own Construction Design Management (CDM) we can take the headache out of juggling with local planners, the architects, the health and safety executive and the maze of regulatory agencies brought into sign off a project. As we place great emphasis on the quality of our workmanship, we boast a quality system designed to meet not only the requirements of Thai laws and regulations but also the NFPA International, the worldwide Fire Protection International codes and standards. Our control system governs all aspects of Fire Protection System design, production, installation and servicing, so whether we’re working on factories, office buildings, hotels, hospitals or warehouses, customers can be sure that the Shinaracha Frotector approach is consistently excellent.

       At Shinaracha Frotector , we pride ourselves on a flexible approach to system design, our ability to offer a turnkey service, the quality of installation.


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